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Your website is your ambassador, your business card, and your showcase.

When you look at a website, the last things you want to see are mistakes – spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, odd turns of phrase. Every little blemish on your website becomes an immediate turn-off to your readers, and a fast and easy way for your messages to get completely lost!

So many sites, however, overlook this much-needed work in the language department.

When you translate a site into English, it is not only about the words, but about the feeling they provoke. That means just having an “English version” is not nearly enough – your messages have to be culturally adapted as well!

Never mind fixing the typos and grammar!

If it needs to be fixed, to be corrected, to be rewritten, to be adapted, or started from scratch, we can do it!



Notapipe Director Chris Farmer is a graduate in comparative literature, a published author, a prolific blogger, and a professor of luxury brand management. In fact, it is his love of the language that is our unique benefit. Farmer is joined by a staff of native English copywriters to bring your web content more precision, more impact, and more breakthrough creativity.

As a brand consulting agency, we worry about your content – a lot! We want to make sure that your customers get exactly what they need from your website. Exactly what they need to make contact with you and push your business forward!




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