When is a pipe not a pipe?

It is not a pipe when it fails to communicate its essence and its personality. A pipe is a fairly straight forward product description. If you are selling a pipe, you might talk about craftsmanship, about noble materials, about superior technical methods of manufacture.

But do you make people feel it? Do they have a spontaneous emotional response to it? If not, it is probably not a pipe. It is something much less – it is just another product.


Notapipe Brand Consulting exists for this very purpose. This is not an ordinary agency that promises the moon and delivers a piece of cheese.

We look deeply into the soul of your product, company, business, organization, or personal positioning to see what are the inviolable core elements that establish your place in a client or consumer heart. We write the stories that resonate with your target audience. We help establish the visual identities which distinguish you from the others. We spread your stories through your web presence. We communicate your brand under the heading of “to know me is to love me.” And we can assist with your retail sales or pitching based on all that your brand represents.

It’s simple. But simple is not easy.

Looking at your product as a brand or looking at your branding from an objective perspective is something for which many companies and individuals never take time. Notapipe Brand Consulting is there to lend a hand in this. We work with you to delve into the furthest reaches of meaning in your brand and bring a wealth of qualities to the surface. And we let everyone know about it.

When is your brand not a brand? Work with us so this question simply never arises.