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Branding is Everything.

Any kind of commercial or popular success is entirely dependent on its branding. Whether it is a shoe, a shirt, a box of cookies, or an Instagram influencer, the brand determines how we feel about them and how we will behave toward them.

Notapipe | Brand Consulting is a boutique branding agency. Set up in 2015, it had a very fast uptake in branding projects in Serbia and abroad. The mission today is the same as on Day One: to ensure the best possible branding, brand identity, and brand development for our clients.


Branding is Identity.

If you want your clients to know you, to have a positive feeling toward you and your products, they need to know who you are and what you represent – that’s your branding.

Of course, it is nice to have an attractive logo, but the logo is only a small part of who you are. The logo, as Notapipe founder Chris Farmer notes in his recent book LIVING BRANDS, is only a signpost.

“The Indicators are the signposts that signify and point to a brand. They attract our attention and appeal to us on a rather visceral level.”

Consumers need to know what you look like, but also how you sound (brand voice, tone), and where you come from (brand history).


This is what we do.

We help you look carefully at your company, products, services, or whatever you would like to identify, and we turn all these thoughts and impressions into a coherent brand, one that inspires faith and trust. We create brands that consumers can love.

See what can be done to boost the power and relevance of your brand. We would like to offer you a free first-time consultation to identify your needs and offer some suggestions. If these are useful for you, we can then discuss a brand development plan together.


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