The first question is usually about the pipe that is not a pipe.

Notapipe Brand Coaching & Consulting and its logo were inspired from a 1929 painting by Belgian surrealist René Magritte called “La Trahison des Images” (or The Treachery of Images). In this painting there is a pipe and the text below it, in French, reads: This is not a pipe.

To me this has always meant that it is we, you and I, who are the ones to assign meaning to objects. If we do not agree that the metal box where we keep the milk is called a refrigerator, then it is not.

This is an allegory of branding. Branding establishes the identity of a product, a person, a service, or many other things. It tells us what it is, what it does, what it is about. And the amazing part is that it is within our power to change and adapt it to anything we want. Look at Apple. My sister had a black cat in college that she called “Orange.”

Cognitive dissonance? Not really. This is what a brand can do.



I have been working with brands and brand communications for a very long time. In my career, I have worked for different well-known brands, I have acted as a public relations specialist, and I have consulted directly on brands and branding.

The winding journey of my life has taken me from the US to Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, the UK, Germany, Serbia, and China. I speak five of the languages of these countries, although not all fluently, and I am working on learning the rest. The journey is far from over!

My passion has always been about branding and what brands can do when they are fully developed. I work with my clients to bring out the hidden depths of their brands, and I teach graduate seminars on the subject at several universities in China, France, Nigeria, and Serbia.

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