Why a Brand Coach might be what you need

An entrepreneur, business owner, startup founder, or product designer knows that getting an idea out of the garage and onto the road is neither simple nor easy.

And anyone trying to tell you differently is just lying to you.

There are no roadmaps to follow, no set of guidelines or instructions ready to help you build your new company, product, or service from scratch. You can read case studies until your eyes pop out. You can watch what the competition does right and wrong and hope to learn something. But in the end, it is going to be up to you.

This is the beauty of freedom. And it is terrifying.

Releasing the Power of the Brand

Fortunately, you can benefit from the calm experience of people who have been through it before. A brand coach is someone who can light the way for you, helping you perceive pitfalls, seize opportunities, and understand exactly who and what your brand is.

A brand coach is an experienced branding expert who knows how to build and grow successful brands and shares that knowledge to help achieve real goals. Having a brand coach is having an expert by your side to advise, support, and empower you to build your brand.

The brand coach supports you as a guide or a facilitator, one who can lead you from your great idea into tangible reality. A branding coach will ask hard questions, steer clear of easy answers, and assist you to arrive at the core of your brand.

It is by understanding this central core of your brand that its full power may be released and deployed.

Chris Farmer, Notapipe, and Brand Coaching

I set up this agency in 2015 to work with companies as a group of consultants. We proposed brand strategies and tactics, and we implemented many on behalf of our clients.

As a consultant, my role was to take over certain areas of responsibility that the client needed me to do for which they perhaps did not have the expertise in-house. They were aware of the need to strengthen their brands but relied on external experts to do it.

This is a system of outsourced labor and it works in some cases. In other cases, a different approach is needed.

More often today, entrepreneurs and companies begin small and need to do a lot of the work themselves. There may never be a budget for McCann Ericson or Publicis to take over the work. On the other hand, sometimes the bigger and better-financed companies don’t want to turn to a big box advertising/marketing/PR/branding agency. Sometimes they need a different approach.

Brand Coaching is a different approach. Through this process, I work with entrepreneurs, business owners, startup founders, or product designers to explore their new brands and where they want them to go.

With a brand coach, the relationship between client and coach is one of partnership and the end result is always the one you need – it can come quickly or it may take time, but it will always be about your idea, your business, your brand.

A Brand Coach stands with you to develop and ensure your brand’s success. And that’s why you need one.


Brand Coaching | Price Options

Brand Coaching is, by its very nature, an up-close and in-depth look at all the aspects of your business. Every part will affect your brand, and therefore each decision about them must be deliberate and considered.

This having been said, your brand coaching needs can range from a couple hours to several months. It will take the time it takes, of course, and we want to offer you suitable solutions.

Before making any decision on which package you will need, we will have a detailed evaluation session in which we see the nature of your needs and make recommendations.

The Standard is an hourly-based package, generally reserved for answering a few short questions, not committing more than three or four hours to the coaching sessions.


The Expanded is conceived for brands or businesses which are at the initial phases of developing a brand and making assessments on how a brand will reap benefits leading to a launch of a brand. The Expanded package is for a period of up to three months.


The Premium package, as the name suggests, is the highest level of service. It means increased availability of the brand coach, on call when the need arises. This package brings from the early phases of creating a brand, to its launch, and beyond into the further developments and implementation of the brand. The Premium package is for a minimum of four months and may be open-ended thereafter.