Branding is a lot less like a restaurant, where you can choose a fixed menu or one or two items à la carte. The choices at these restaurants may all be appealing, but the process is easy.

Branding is more like a New York deli. You come in and see all the ingredients laid out before you, all looking delicious, and try to imagine the sumptuous feast you will make with salami, gefilte fish, pastrami, sliced brie, and six Kaiser rolls. In the meantime, the guy behind you is nudging you to move in faster while the lady in front has not yet finished discussing the neighborhood’s recent decline.

You know the place, right?

When you are looking for services in a branding agency, make sure that the consultant has taken the time to understand you. You may have a nice logo and an awkward name, an unconvincing backstory but meaningful customer experiences. The tone of your messages might be a little strident.

Assessing a brand is a grand integrated experience. All of the parts must work together to form a unified whole. Think of the deli: if you stack a Dagwood sandwich, are you sure all the tastes will work together?

How to Order

To our clients, I offer three possibilities. Each is suited to a different kind of project. And of course, there is a lot of room in between the lines to find the exact fit.

The first package is designed for brand holders who would like some ad hoc or on-the-spot consulting on how best to position their brands, adapt them, bring them up to date, or effect minor changes. Usually billed by the hour.

This solution comes in the form of a complete project. This Moderate package includes brand names, logo ideas, development of the stories, the tone of voice, and all of the elements that contribute to a full brand. In most cases, it is a 6-8 week process and a fixed timeframe and price are established.

This package contains all of the services and elements as described above, but also includes deployment in communications channels over a longer period of time. The Advanced package includes ongoing consultations for eventual changes and course corrections as might arise. Done on a retainer basis over at least six months.