Here are 5 Good Reasons to “Like” Our Facebook Page

There are always a million reasons NOT to like a Facebook page.

They are sometimes annoying. They sometimes are full of advertising. They can be an obligation (especially if it is your brother-in-law’s page about used lawn furniture).

But here are five GOOD reasons to like our page!

1. It’s Cool

Cool is something not to be underestimated. And brands are cool! People are doing more and more interesting and innovative things with their own brands – it doesn’t matter if they are business-related, personal, or any other kind of brand.

Our page admins try to find all of the cool and innovative new things going on in the world of branding. Some of them may give you an idea for your own brand. And good ideas are cool too!

2. It’s Free

Just because you like a page does not mean we want you to reach into your wallet. Our page is not out there to advertise or market people to death. No salesman will call. Certain conditions do NOT apply.

Like you, we do a lot of thinking about brands – the good, the bad, and the ugly (and the not so ugly). Seeing what other people are doing with their brands is a huge eye-opener. You can find out ways to improve your own brand, and you can find examples of branding to avoid like the plague.

Always avoid the plague.

3. It’s Philosophical

Hang on! Stay with me – philosophical does not mean we are asking anyone to run a critical analysis of Hegel’s Enzyklopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften.

We ask ourselves questions. We ask ourselves what would happen if… and try to find the answers. The world of branding is moving and evolving. We want to open every door and see what’s inside.

Being philosophical is just a fancy way of saying we are curious and want to know more.

4. It’s Delicious

mqdefaultWhen you think about a chocolate fudge cake, does it taste the same in your mind as boiled spinach?

Branding is about making your “cake” something delicious and something to look forward to tasting. The best branders can show you how to make the boiled spinach even more enticing than the caloric fudge bomb. Anyone remember “The Marmite Challenge”?

Our page cannot promise to be delicious every single time, but it will expand your palate!

And the final Good Reason to Like our Page…

5. It’s for YOU!

The only reason we made this page is for you – for you to read, enjoy, like stuff, share stuff, and talk about your brands and what you think about them.

Ask questions and get answers. Post your own brand and tell us all about it. Or give us your opinion on the latest trends in focal mechanisms for electron microscopes.

It’s all for you.


So here you have it – the Big Five. Clearly I could sit here all day and come up with another 2,391 more reasons to like our page. But maybe the best way would be just to check it out and see for yourself!

And maybe you could tell us why!






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