The Big Simple

The Big Simple


Don’t think.
No one reads.
Read it fast.

Slogans. Hashtags. Snippets.
No paragraphs.
No complicated words.

My brand.
I just know.
When it feels right.
Because I know.

SimpleBranding boils it down.
Instant feeling.
Instant love.
Nothing better.

Brush familiar.
Friends and faces.
Because it’s me.

And when anyone tries to tell you that it is important to get people to think about your brand, to appreciate it on a deeper level, and to spend time trying to understand or decrypt the clever messaging that you wrote at midnight after a couple of Jack Daniels, they may be right. But they need it boiled down for them, refined in the fire, and reduced to the lowest common denominator.

It’s all good.
Read it later.
It’s all there.





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